Monday, July 14, 2014

Two weeks later and Phase 1 is in sight!

We have been busy, busy bees and since I last posted I've been to Philly and back.  Here is my Happy 46th Birthday picture from the Liberty Bell.   Philly is like a big-ole Birmingham with a zillion more homeless people.  All I can say is don't spend your own $$ going there but go for a work trip and enjoy as you can.   We had great meetings so it was fantastic.

To see our renovation progress, click this LINK to FB Home Sweet Fixer Album.   It's super easy for me to upload pics from my phone so that makes the most sense.  We finished floor prep yesterday and I am pretty sure that I have permanent damage to my shoulder muscles and right hand.   Let me just say that when they glue vinyl tile to the foyer wood flooring, they meant it to last through the Apocalypse.   I had other plans and I won so HA!

We are a little more organized in our plans now and I have deemed the current state of things to be Phase 1.  Phase 1 includes:  Living Room, Hallway, Bedrooms.  We will have these rooms painted, new lighting, plugs and refinished floors by August 1st when we move in to these spaces.   Phase 2 & 3 will be the kitchen, laundry, sewing and family room/den followed by Phase 4 bath renovations.   These spaces need different types of work and some reconstruction so it made the most sense to eat the hamburger in more than one bite.   This phased plan will give us time to do things right and be able to live here in the process.  Our hope is to expose the rafter ceiling of the family room/den and that is another project altogether LOL

Tonight we start painting the bedroom ceilings and I will be removing wallpaper all week.   Gerald picked out a gray/beige pallet for our paint scheme and I am very excited for something different than tan for a while.  E is not so sure about the gray but he has no opinion since he isn't a decorator or designer.  Gerald says it will look great and I am going with Gerald.   The walls will be medium gray/beige, the ceilings one shade lighter and the trim will match the ceilings.  Pics to come, of course ;-)

One night this week E's brother will come to put in two headers (one in foyer into kitchen; another in kitchen into family room/den) and our serious demo will officially be complete for Phase 1.   Being in a "put back" instead of tearing up mode will be nice.   It's about time for me get up and going for today so I will see y'all soon!  J

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July 1st from Park Terrace

It all actually happened - I need to be pinched almost daily.   E and I closed back-to-back last Thursday afternoon which in itself was a miracle of God considering the many hiccups and hurdles getting this and that done.   I held my breath for a month it seemed like and then about 6 pm on June 26th I exhaled.   Whew!

After closing we talked to Mr. Morton for a long while and then headed home to load my car and the truck to run things over to the "new" house and to leave my car.  After depositing whatever we brought and the car, we headed to Stix Japanese to celebrate with the boys.   Friday was dusk to beyond dawn of loading, hauling and moving.  Two Men & a Truck's three guys got to our house about 8:30 a.m. and worked tirelessly for 10.5 hours moving us.   Bless their hearts.   I ran and got Milo's lunch for all 7 of us and then we got right back to it.   I had a few errands to run while they made trips to and from the truck.   When the house was emptied into the truck they headed down the hill to our storage to pack two more units with our furniture THEN they loaded the truck with our garage and kitchen items we put in over the past month.  This has proven to be a brilliant plan.   The guys made one run to Hoover and put our kitchen boxes in the house and garage things in the garage.  

About 6:30 they finished and we had one more trip to Trussville to make for last items.   We were dirty, hungry and exhausted.   E decided we would all take showers at the new house and put on whatever clothes we could find in our suitcases and eat at Outback before heading back for the last few things.   When I got in my car, JD, the buyers of Carrington, had called asking if I minded if he go over there to do some prep work for painting.  Of course not!  It's his house now anyway LOL.   It was 9 p.m. when we finished at Outback and headed toward Trussville; 9:45 when we pulled up.  It took about 30 minutes to throw the last few things in E's truck and in the Jeep and off we headed very Beverly Hillbilly's style back to Hoover.   I followed E because the back of the truck was so loaded down with ferns, bird feeders, Will's new bike, my Aidrondack chairs, etc.   Thankfully at 11 p.m. the roads are pretty quiet so we made it fine.  Whew!  we were at our new home sweet home.    About 11:30 p.m. we realized we had no milk for coffee in a few hours.  YIKES!   Time for a midnight Walmart fun for J & E.  The boys were bunked down watching a video on their computers and we joined the ranks of midnight shopping.    All in all we were tucked into or flopped on top of our air mattress by 1:30 a.m. and it was all done.   Exhale again.

It's been several days of constant motion so far but my kitchen is organized, the garage is 80% organized and tomorrow E off so we will head to the dump with some things he removed from the garage to make room for his shelving.   Thursday E's brother is coming to knock down some walls in two places and build walls in two other places.  We will rip out the laminate flooring on Wednesday to prep for Wes' wall work.   There are wood floors in all areas except the laundry and what will be my sewing room so we plan to expose those and have them refinished.  Exciting.

I will post pictures to a Facebook album as we do things to the house and hope the album link will work outside of FB as well and set=a.10203732459179372.1073741831.1454988925&type=3 

Today I am going to reorganize the pantry because the shelf heights are not what I need then I'm going to remove the drapes throughout the house so those can go to the dump tomorrow.   One blessing of the last few days has been how clean the house is.....Mrs. Morton Sr. was apparently as neat as a pin.  Yes, I wiped out every cabinet and cranny but they are not dirty.   The house has been well maintained so that has made parts of the first few days much easier.  

Last but not least are the neighbors......we have friendly, neighborly neighbors once again.   PRAISE!   When the moving van arrived on Friday one neighbor came from two house down to welcome us.   On Saturday morning we had visits by three other sets welcoming us.  Monday the back yard neighbor came with brownies.   We have felt loved so much already.  Part of the reason they want us to feel so welcomed is because of how wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Morton were and how much all the neighbors loved them.  I thought last night.....we are being loved because of how wonderful others were.  Kind of like we inherited their neighborly relationships.  Very sweet.   Mr. Morton, Jr. took a bio page about our family to many of these neighbors last Friday morning after the closing.  He said his parents would have wanted the Morton family to introduce their successors.  Very classy.   Turns out that the backyard neighbors have a granddaughter in the Mister's class at Brock's Gap.   Speaking of the Mister -- he has taken the neighborhood by storm on his bike.  Last yesterday afternoon I rode #1's bike and we took a ride together.   My thighs are not bike trained (yet!).   If I didn't have a thousand other things to buy, I'd get a bike for my birthday but I have a feeling my birthday  presents will be sheet rock, paint or ceiling fans.  HA!

Gotta run get on the pantry and curtains.   Very exciting!   Talk soon, J

Monday, June 16, 2014

Howdy! from the great state of Texas

Happy Monday morning from Lone Star land.  Yesterday I flew here with my computer science friend, Gina.  We will attend AP computer science summer institute until Thursday then hop another bird back home.  So far I've had a great night's sleep at the Hampton Inn Brookhollow and almost 2 cups of coffee so all things are right in the world.

Over the weekend (which began Friday afternoon btw) E and the boys and I got so much more cleaned up, packed up and packed in to storage unit #3.  Yes, we are now up to our 3rd storage unit at Stow-Away.  Non of the three are jam packed but they are subdivided by topic.  #1 is our original storage we have had for 5 years.  It has Christmas stuff, some kitchen stuff when I "depersonalized" our house, my scrapbooking, a Kohler toilet we intend to use again sometime and this and that.  #2 is the basement/garage/tools and weight bench and this fabulous door I got at the dump on Saturday morning ~

Don't worry, I didn't climb over dump heaps to rescue it!  The two men who oversee the dumping into containers had pulled it aside and I was able to get it directly from them.   It is beveled glass and will be fabulous!  

Storage #3 is the newest one that I got last Friday.  It has boxes , lamps, rugs, small furniture, etc. we packed in this weekend.  After E found out that 2 Men and a Truck charge $130/hour it became apparent that 1 Jill, 1 E and 2 boys would move all we safely can ourselves HA!   Also this weekend, and MUCH to E's displeasure, I priced the many cleaned out clothes of the boys so that I can sell them at Kids Market in July's Back to School Sale.  He was furious with me for doing that BUT I know that come August when I get the proceeds he will know that I was right to take the time and put forth the trouble.   About twice over Saturday I was sure that a Valium cocktail would have been helpful but we had none so best we could we KEPT CALM AND PACKED ON!  Sunday morning I packed my Tupperware and also my Pampered Chef and most other pots and pans.  A bit more to do in the kitchen this coming Friday and that will be done too.  

Yesterday after E dropped me at the airport, he and #1 drove the Mister to Mentone to Ponderosa Bible Camp for Creation Classroom Week.  He was so excited to be going to camp.   On Wednesday he will turn 11.  When I hugged and kissed him goodbye I said "next time I see you, you will be 11" and that brought great big smiles.   My mother is mailing him a birthday bundle of candy and a card today so he will get it on Wednesday.  AND she is also mailing him the tennis shoes he forgot to pack.   Toe shoes would get old for an entire week!   #1 has football Mon, Tues, Thurs.  He and E can move more to storage and have a more relaxed week with two of us out of their hair.  

Well, gotta run get ready to go and learn lots about Java and the new APCS labs.  Have a great day and talk later! J

Thursday, June 12, 2014

but does it have a dishwasher?

OMG!  This morning I met the inspector at the house we hope to buy and took my camera =)  E, of course, is WAYYYYY to busy and important to get off work for 1 hour to go meet him as well but then has a thousand questions for me about every little thing.   I, on the other hand, ask fewer questions and let the man work knowing that he will send us a thorough report from his inspection.  

As soon as I got in the car and called E, he says to me "does it have a dishwasher?"  I was like HUH?!?   I didn't notice but told him I took lots of pictures so surely they would show a dishwasher.  To be honest, I had no idea because I know that I am equipped with two hands capable of washing a dish or two until some electrician/plumber can get one installed.  With all the work that house will need to be even ready for furniture, he wants to know about a stinking dishwasher!   E tells me to pull over to the side of the road to look at my camera and see.  I refused as any sane person would do.   What I did do as any intelligent person would do is call the inspector's cell phone and let him a voice mail to look as he was still at the house working.  Within less than 2 minutes it was confirmed that there is a dishwasher.   Well, good!  I'm sure now that E can get a good nights rest knowing that he will not have to wash one dish.   Lord have mercy!

That stupidity aside, I now give you the reason for my post.  Pictures of this and that inside and out.   Should all close out exactly 2 weeks from today we can forever more call these the BEFORE pictures (less the kitchen b/c as it turns out I didn't capture the kitchen workspace on film LOL).

Here is a look at 536 Park Terrace along with my commentary ~

Inside view of front door -- 
I think a 1950s era door would be cooler

Living room into Dining Room --
carpet, drapes and wallpaper :-/

Bedroom #1 -- both are exactly 12' x 13' 
and have two windows and a built-in cabinet next to the closet

Each bedroom closet has a tie twirly =)

Bedroom #2 and it's taller built in

Hall bath

Hall bath's built in cabinet and hamper -- the highlight of the room IMO

Bedroom #3's bath

Hallway view from outside bedrooms looking back toward front of house

backyard view of patio, side of garage, far ground shows garden shed

Path to the garden shed -- you can barely see the shed 
in the middle of the picture but it's super cute

view looking back toward garages and house

view from garden path toward back of house

Backyard patio fire pit

Spicket ;-)

Side door from driveway -- we think that this right side of the house 
with the dining room and laundry was added later because the 
driveway goes straight into them.  

Back side view -- door goes into the added family room

Front garages

Laundry -- lots of cabinets (and hinges)

Kitchen table area -- lots of hinges!


Kitchen eating area wall with 4 doors -- 
we have no idea why there are four closets all on the same wall; 
door to the right goes to family room addition;
door ro the left goes to front foyer and hallway

So that's the fixer inside and out.  It's about 2300 sq feet of potential as we can tell.  

Now to the yard and Mrs. Morton's Blooms

There were also iries finished blooming, yellow bells.  
I didn't see any day lilies but that can easily be fixed!

Here is the floor under the living room where someone had detached the carpet -- nice boards to become hardwood floors.  The bedrooms also have it so I think we are safe to say that can be exposed everywhere.   My former principal, Mr. Carter, has a great floor guy he as recommended to me.

Wallpaper gallery ~

The laundry border is pretty cute actually -- 
I may think about doing something to trim around it and paint up to the trim

So let me know your thoughts!  We love it, J

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moving ahead on faith....

We are full into our moving logistics and trying to think only happy thoughts that all will go off without a devastating hitch.  Isn't that just like Satan to try to steal our joy with thoughts of disappointment.   Oh well, we press on and push that aside.

Last Thursday I went to the storage office and rented a 2nd unit down from our long-time storage.   The storage lady and I are now fast friends so she is holding us 3 more units for our actual move out on the 27th.   Anyway, Friday afternoon we started working on the basement garage and tools.   It was necessary that we make a huge mess by removing everything from the shelving in order to first move the shelving but in the end we consolidated, cleaned out and by Saturday mid day had a well-organized storage about 1/3 full.  Then we fill the back of the truck with 1/2 thrift donation and 1/2 dump deposit.   Off we headed by way of a Roo cup fill up.  

Once back home we loaded the foyer table and hall tree in the back of the truck to take to a local consignment shop where I had arranged for it to be received.   We weren't sure the tie down would old the top-heavy table so I rode along with the cargo.  #1 jumped out at the top of the driveway to capture my very redneck pick up truck ride.  

After the consignment drop, we had a few more loads to the garage storage and then got the basement cleaned up.   The only thing left really is my Adirondack chair parts, a saw horse table we may need for the chair assembly and car detailing stuff.   

Sunday we took short names then my aunt Lynne and uncle Dale met us at the storage to pick up our baby bed so they can get ready for sweet Isabelle to visit.  So glad that I kept the boys' bed =)   Lynne will need to get a mattress bc we gave that away but those are no big expense I think.   After that we worked on cleaning out the Mister's drawers and closet of clothes he has out grown.  Kids Market is having a Back-to-School Sale in late July so I hope to cash in on what they do longer can wear.   It usually works well to see low and sell a lot.   Wednesday I can get it all priced and labeled so that I can set that aside until time for the sale receiving dates.   After all that we decided chocolate ice cream sounded good so we made homemade ice cream.  It's hardening up in the freezer now and E has gone to work to a mandatory HIPPA meeting.  You know he just Loved that on a Sunday night!    I'm making tea and probably eating a PB&J for dinner or maybe just Cheez Its.  Of course, my 9 p.m. snack will be some ice cream -- YUM!

This week I'll work three days and #1 has football.  We've scheduled the home inspection on our purchase house for Thursday so I'll be sure to take some pics for y'all then.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to go or not but I figure we are paying the inspector so I can be there if I want.   

Have a good week and next time there will be fixer pics I promise!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Finally yesterday we were able to get the completed contract initialed and submitted.  Our close date for purchasing is still 6/27, the same day as our sale closing; however, we are pretty sure this will get extended or delayed.  Maybe so, maybe not.  Either way we are going to be fine and dandy.

Today after Bible school and football pick up for #1 we are going by Bluff Park Hardware to get all the bolts and screws for assembling my Adirondack chairs, table and footstool.  I'm excited to get those assembled and the 2nd coat of paint on them so they will be ready for my new front yard once I add two fun pillows.   The paint color I chose is a dark red with a lot of brown in it so they are the perfect shade.  I've primed them all, painted one coat of the red and will assemble then do a final coat of red.  LOVE them!

After this and on the way home I will go rent another 10 x 15' storage for moving our basement into this weekend.   Yesterday we checked on large storages for moving our house into when we vacate.  I think once E and I wrapped our minds around moving into storage and letting the dust settle we got totally OK with it.   Famous last words LOL

That's the skinny for now.  I should have pics of my Adirondack set in a few days and maybe a cleaned out basement.   See y'all then!  J

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

maybe today (or maybe not)

You would be so proud of me and E.......we are still waiting to sign off on the counter-offer we agreed to via email LAST Friday.  Five days to get some signatures and/or initials and we are just waiting.   It's beyond ridiculous that Mr. M's realtor is this slow and I think that yesterday Cherie finally had to realize what I already knew last week -- he has some issues or something because even after having it signed yesterday about Noon he wouldn't let her come pick up the contract.   Never mind that we really need to get it to the mortgage company so they can lock in our rate and actually start processing our purchase.  Never mind that we have been waiting two weeks from tomorrow or that we move from here 3 weeks from tomorrow.   I have come to decide that God must be in the delay and am just going on with other normal activities.

This week #1 has had football workouts on Monday and Tuesday while I have been teaching 6 yo Bible school (aka Kid Life Week) at Dawson.   I've had to cut my time at Kid Life to run the mom taxi for #1 but that has actually been totally fine.   Today he doesn't have workouts and wants to go with me.   The Mister has been king of the castle after opting out of Kid Life pre-middle school week but today is having a game day with Mimi and Jackie and probably our great-aunt Juanita.   He spent the night with Mimi last night to be ready for a day of cards.  

Yesterday the Mister and I did go to the pool for an hour or so where I got a nice shade of pink that will surely fade in for my summer not-so-savage tan.   Today after Kid Life we are planning to meet Cherie to sign off our papers but I'm not holding my breath that she can get them in her hands.   I have several other errands to run like checking on storage rentals and prices.   This weekend we are moving our basement and outdoor furniture (less the swing) to a storage.  This will be a time-consuming, all-day task we expect.   We think this will make a major dent in moving later and will give us access to our tools and yard things independent of our furniture.   That's the plan anyway.

I hope you have a great day and, of course, I'll keep you posted!